Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do You Acknowledge Beggars, Or Ignore Them?

I won't lie, I usually turn the volume up when I hear, "ladies and gentlemen, can I get your attention?" on the train.

I don't know why, but I usually don't support these kids supposedly raising money for their basketball team. Perhaps because I myself took my cut from the pot back in the day. Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell my coach. The same goes for these cats doing them dance routines. They're just not that least those I've been seeing on the L train as of late. Every now and then, I feel like getting up and battling them, but you know I'm lazy like that so I usually stay seated.

It's an entirely different storywith homeless people, though. I mean, every now and then, I see one bumming around with fresher sneakers than me, so I don't do nothing. I should be asking his ass for change. I give money every now and then, but usually it's like a reflex to just shrug my shoulders or say I don't have anything. But I usually have at least a few quarters on me and God knows they could use it.

Some homeless lady asked me for money at the Deli near my job today. I initial shrugged my shoulders as usual, but then I started thinking. God knows I'd want a hand if I was in her shoes. She was a sistah too. You should have seen her. Nobody would give her anything. So right when I got to the register, I checked my pockets for change and gave her a $5. She was sooooo appreciative. I feel bad cause I was a bit grossed out when shaking her hand so my grip was a bit awkward. The good thing about giving money to homeless folks is that people start following your lead. It's like they're embarrassed by holding out or something. The lady ahead of me at the register also gave her doe a few seconds later. I wanted to give her whatever singles I got back from my change so I can shake her hand properly, but she left smiling- thrilled that she had found her lunch money.

I know it's only a couple of dollars, but helping others is so gratifying. I'm gonna try to do it more often. I mean, what's a couple of singles really? I spend on little debbie and vodka, so why not help the needy? Plus I can still fit it into my $20 per week plan. I got a bunch of clothes I don't wear no more. It's time for me to stop talking and send them to Haiti for real. What about you guys? Do you give some spare change? If so, why not.


Clark Kent said...

I saw a girl runnin' game on fools in Union Square. She made roughly about 40 bucks from the after-work rush alone and she came right into the Virgin Megastore, switched her gear up, hailed a cab and bounced into the sunset.

I give when I'm convinced it's not a hustle.

bernadette said...

I try to put myself in the beggars shoes...Unless I know that they are PROFESSIONAL beggars. Then I send them on their way empty handed.

MeLa Machinko said...

I look for drugs. i kno wht a drug habit looks like, as opposed to z down on their luck person.

BUT, no matter what, if they entertain me, i cough it up. the other day a CLEAR heroin addict came on the F train singing barbershop quartet jawns all by himself. ALREADY thats funny... 4 pt harmonies all by urself? then on top of that, he had a good voice! So... I coughed up the change... and started singing along. LMAO said...

I'll help whenever I can, just because you don't know. Some people do hustle, true...but some of them actually really need the help, and I'd feel terrible if I had the means and just didn't help. said...

Ha, and in this morning's daily email from Rev. Run, of course, the subject is "Remember The Poor." Here's what it says:

Good morning. Many in this world are homeless, destitute and impoverished... Your reaction to them determines Gods reaction to you. The scripture says... Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord shall deliver him in the time of trouble. The Lord will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth: and thou wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies. -Psalms 41:1-2. (Find a organization committed to the poor. and give)

God is Love
Rev Run

slangrap said...

Haven't give in years, here's why. It must be '94 or so because I distinctly remember getting off the train to hear Hot 97 playing B.I.G.s "The What."

But before that, a few day earlier I had been on the 2 or 5 train and a dude came through with a sign that read something like "I'm unable to talk, please help me." I'm a jobless high schooler yet I still felt moved enough to slide dude a buck.

So a few days later, after getting off the train at 125 to window shop—remember, I'm a broke high schooler—don't you know I see the same "mute" bum having an extended conversation with another bum on Lenox Ave?

Sure not every homeless dude is running a scam, but I was traumatized. And I won't even mention the idiot who said he needed train fare who then said he'd rather have cash when I offered him a token.