Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do You Know When Somebody Likes You?

I'm not sure you guys saw He's Not That Into You, but a good portion of the film's characters were pretty much illiterate when it came to reading the opposite sex.

But I can't really knock them, I'm personally clueless when it comes to women allegedly liking me. I've never been too good at coming out my face, so I usually make sure it's spelled out rather than assume. Unless the girl tells me I L-I-K-E Y-O-U, I'm thinking she must be a nice person, nothing else. If she smiles, she's prolly showing off her teeth. If she flirts, maybe she's practicing. If I smile at you, I may actually be laughing cause you have a booger dangling off your nose.

For the record, finding someone attractive and liking them are two entirely different things. If you hear me say, "shorty's bad," please refrain from offering any wingman/wingwoman assistance. It's probably just a compliment. If it's anything deeper, I'd rather take care of it myself anyway. I remember recent instances in which my female friends claimed, "that girl likes you." I didn't know what the hell they were talking about. My boy Mark said, "there's chicks that think they're ill with the subliminals, when they're blatant.Then there's chicks that are ill with the subliminals and there's blatant ass chicks." Signs aren't always successfully read or communicated.

Taking the last few years into consideration, I usually never suspect the women who turn out to show interest. It almost always blindsides me. Like, you like me? Really? One in particular comes to mind. I never would have known. Hey, I have an idea. Let's play a game. If you like somebody, just tell him/her for a change. Who knows, maybe they like you too? It's happened to me a lot in the past. Now imagine if neither of us said anything. They would have ended up with some interior scarf-wearing douche bags.

Do you guys know when someone likes you? If so, what are the signs? If they haven't verbally expressed it, how can you be certain? Now if you excuse me, I have to log off and not follow my own advice.


NakedWithSocksOn.com said...

All I know is i DON'T like you. You're super annoying and I'm so glad I don't have to pretend like I like hanging out with you anymore.

The I-Don't-Like-Carl line starts HERE. People, please keep it orderly and make room for women and children...


MeLa Machinko said...

@ ^^^, LOL...

everyone's scared of rejection. thats the problem.

I, for one, am very vocal abt the dudes Im ATTRACTED to (i am notorious for molesting the pecs and abs of perfect strangers in the club. and i publicly proclaim crushes and offer {fictional} lapdances often)
but the dudes i LIKE are another story..

i'll smile and blush and walk by and wait for him to notice me.


and its out of true blue shyness and butterflies, too! (in those cases)

I TRY to make it known enough so that he knows, but also so he knows that he needs to come to me if he's interested. that way, balance is restored. cuz at the end of the day you guys only really wanna be chased when you don't care that much. Otherwise u wanna be the one who made the move. and DAMN if Ima be chasing a man to catch him, to keep him, to marry him, etc. Im a girl!


Carl Chery said...

Good one, Anslem. Good one. Mela, I agree with you. I think pretty much every non-delusional person is scared of rejection to a degree.

And I think the fear of rejection messes everything up. Signs are purposely blurred just so people can take them back in the event that they get rejected.Like,
"oh, I didn't like you for real anyway"

Clark Kent said...

Good post, Carl. When someone rejects you and people see it happen, does the viewer shake their head?

The Cocoa Luv Chronicles said...

Good one right here. I have no idea when someone likes me. And if i like someone I punk out and don't say anything until the feelings go away lol. Hopefully if anyone out there in cyberland likes the kid, they will say something.

Farrah said...

Am I second in line...LOL!!

Yo, Carl what's up with you and boogers, the fascination is weird...smh...idk.

For the most part it is the fear of rejection that holds people back.

Guys are supposed to be the pursuers (at least that's what I learned). I'm gonna start an experiment, I'm gonna initiate convo with the next guy I think I want to get to know a little better.

Double A said...

98% yes I do know when someone's feeling me. Could be because I've been single for so damn long and I've made a mental note of all the signs to pick up on lol

Most guys are blatant with it. But will a guy know I'm feeling him? 8 times out of 10 not really.The only time I'll get bold is if I'm in a social setting and we have mutual friends. In that case I will show extra teeth, bat the eyelashes, and perhaps even do some arm rubbing if I'm feeling him, and I know for a fact that he's feeling me. Otherwise I make eye contact, look for a smile and if not I keeps it moving lol But if I like someone I won't always say or I'll take years to say it, which I did in one case. But there's two reasons. One, sometimes I like the thrill of having a secret crush, maybe its just me lol but it makes me feel like a kid again. Wondering if the person you like will be somewhere your headed, what you'll talk about etc. and the other reason someone might not know is because I'm not sure what will happen if I tell them, not really scared of the rejection so to say, but just scared about the after effects, whether that mean awkwardness or what have you.Oh the tangled web of dating...

Paul Cantor said...

I'm usually pretty clueless. I treat everyone the same, so usually I get similar responses from everybody. I would love it if women would just say what they felt. It would make life a lot less complicated.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late, I just recently came across this blog and enjoying it etc..cut to my comment...Obviously as the author has mentioned he is picky, and from what I know most guys that are picky like to pick for themselves. Meaning since you already know what you want, you probably go for it when u see it. And if you haven't gone for it it's safe to believe that you don't really want it. I feel this is the case for most men...you know what you want and what you are attracted to so when u see it you go for it. No?

What about the chase? Men always say they love it when women approach them, but doesn't that kill the chase; if a woman comes up to you and says she likes you? As Tupac said "I don't want it if it's that easy" my experience is that men love the chase more then they do a woman approaching them. There's more of a want and pride on something you went after and got yourself, rather than something that just fell on your lap, right?