Monday, March 23, 2009

Excuse Me, Are You Being Helped?

These salesmen never do what I want them to do.

I'd like to think I'm not the most suspect looking dude, but I get these "that guy is either scheming or a window shopper" looks fairly often when I'm out shopping. They usually deal with me two different ways: ignore me cause they don't expect me to buy anything or ask me if I'm being help in a "yo ass damn well know you ain't buying nothing anyway" kinda tone.

Take this weekend for example. I was at Best Buy looking at laptops and couldn't help but hear the salesman's pitch. It was energetic, friendly, informative, in all pretty solid. I'm not too impressionable when it comes to retail, but had I been on the fence about a purchase, dude may have convinced me to spend a few dollars. You should have seen his demeanor change when I called him over a few minutes later. Mind you, he stood close by twiddling his thumbs for a few minutes while I basically did jumping jacks to get his attention. It must be the scruffy beard.

In any event, dude came over and waited for questions rather than pitch away as he did with the previous customer. He would give me one-word answers and just seemed in a hurry to wrap up the conversation. On the flip side, I also stopped by Macy's looking for some new shoes. I didn't need to know how much disk space those Kenneth Coles or Steve Maddens had, so I didn't really feel like being bothered. Still, every other Macy's Sales Associate or whatever they're called, asked if I was helped. There was something about their tone, though. This polite and seemingly genuine gentleman eventually walked by so I asked him for help. Might as well give the commission or whatever it is they get out of making a sale to the nice guy, not one of them scum holes.

What about you guys? How do you feel about those salesmen? Are they too pushy? Do they tell you prices beforehand hinting that it's out of your price range? Do they watch you, or ignore you because you aren't likely to buy. I'm thinking it may be different for women, but I could be wrong. The funny thing is I seem to get harassed when I don't need any assistance and then can't find any when I really need it.


Dom said...

If I go into a store, especially a boutique shop, and I am not greeted, I wont buy sh*t outta there! I hate it when the sales people stare dead in my face as I walk through the door and say nothing. Bad bad bad customer service.

On the flip side, I make a point ot return to shops where I am greeted and helped. And good customer service can def. set me over the edge for at least buying something from a store, just so those nice people can keep their jobs.

Epsilonicus said...

I have noticed that when I am in a shop with a woman, I ALWAYS get greeted. Whenever I am alone, I do not. It is common knowledge that men spend less money, especially when it comes to clothes. Thus, salesmen will talk to a woman because they are more likely to buy.

I dont take offense to it. I prefer to be left alone anyway. When I walk into a store, I already know what I want