Monday, March 9, 2009

I Don't Like Strip Clubs...

I’m probably the minority here, but I don’t like strip clubs, not big on porn and never bought a skin magazine in my life.

I have two issues of Playboy Magazine, the one with Stacey Dash on the cover and the one with Vida Guerra on the cover. I got them for free, though.

But as far as strip clubs, I guess I can’t shake the image of a loser type drooling at the sight of a pair of bare Cs he'd never come close to without tipping. I know there's more to it, I just can't shake the image. Plus, I'd rather be with a woman than looking or watching one for some kind of stimulation. I’ve roughly been to strip clubs a handful of times and it usually has to do with bachelor parties. If we’re out on the town and the fellers suggest a strip club as our next destination, I’ll probably decline. Needless to say I’m not the average strip club patron.

I think some of those guys really believe some of that crap the strippers tell them to get more singles out of them. Pfffttt! I remember this one particular strip club visit. Everybody was sitting there bored, so I just made some change and gave some to the fellers so they can go make it drizzle on the strippers. And since it’s fun to do bad things, I went over there and started messing with the strippers. They were all in my ear trying to butter me up thinking I’d start spending, but I just started talking trash. “You think I’m one of these dudes who believes all that ish,” I told one. Then, WAP, I smacked her bottom with the wad of singles I had. She actually started laughing. Those dudes were trying to rub on them and here I was cracking jokes.

So no, I don’t like strip clubs. I’ll go if it’s your bachelor party, but if not, I’m good. The occasional bangbus and celebrity sex tape never hurt nobody, but unless I’m it’s a hook up I’ll also pass. The same goes for Playboy. If I don’t care about the celebrity, I’m not reading it.

What about you fellers? Feel free to weigh in ladies.


DJ Daddy Mack said...

I don't get why cats would pay money just to see nude women. I mean porn is free online.

MeLa Machinko said...

i love strip clubs. i marvel at the abilities of some of these women. and the music's usually much better @ the strip club than the regular club, if ur in the south and in that sort of mood.

drinks are cheaper too.

Ima take me one a them classes @Sin City one day.

slangrap said...

Before I begin, I love my wife. That said, looking back at my hey day I marvel at the fact that as a pretty much broke high-schooler, barely making it college undergrad and at least I got the lights on graduate, I was still able to get women out of their clothes strictly off my wits. Dates and dinners you say? Please, my DVD collection is sick and if it's free, I know about it. With that in mind, stripper chicks never see my dough. Especially when they got bullet scars and stab wounds. No sir.

Dallas said...

I won't pay a dime to watch nekkid women jiggle their bits, but I would pay a grip to watch a beautiful Black girl put a broomstick in her butt.

You can't just be pretty and nekkid and get my money. You need to do some kind of tricks, or beastiality.

Now I would pay to watch that.

Carl Chery said...

Aqua, all I gotta say is Chuch, Tabarnacle, Preach!

Stokely said...

WTF...a broomstick...CRAAAAAZY!

I see the responses, but somebodies making it rain...If it aint yall..who is it.

These places don't stay in business off of skeet!! LOL

ron mexico said...

i detest going to strip clubs, homie and it has nothing to do with the "loser" stigma you allude to. i'll tolerate them for bachelor parties, but otherwise, you'd never catch me in one of them bitches.

1. it's entirely too business-like. i'd much rather have a strip TEASE in the crib with someone who'd love nothing more than to be doing it.

2. the fact that strippers windex the pole between dances tells me all i need to know about the stooch-tasticity of the environment.

i'm not against strippers or strip clubs. i understand that many men... many many many many men... find great entertainment in them.

i also understand, after having had conversations with my share of skrippers, that more than a fair share of them need be stripping. i don't know what the fuck else they'd be doing with themselves.

glennykravitz said...

i love strip clubs for the first few minutes. but once i hear a chick crying about her pimp in the bathroom, its time to leave. (true story carl!) and when i see dudes take complete advantage, im out