Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's Your Favorite Curse Word?

Whenever hibernating, I usually spend my weekend catching up on all my DVR recordings.

I typically dedicate a few hours to one of my favorite shows, Inside The Actors Studio with James Lipton. For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, it features Dean Lipton conducting interviews with some of Hollywood's greatest actors, actresses and directors-covering everything from early childhood and thespian beginnings to the subject's biggest successes. Lipton is an ill dude. Can you believe he's 82?

In arguably the show's most popular segment, he interrogates his guests using the Proust questionnaire. Since I'll never sit across Dean Lipton on Pace University's stage, and get a kick out of the questionnaire, I thought I'd answer the questions and ask you guys to do the same. Here we go.

What's Your Favorite Word?: I have no clue what my favorite word is, but I've been saying "chuch" a lot lately. Chuuuch!

What's Your Least Favorite Word?: Rad. Saying rad is just not...well, rad.

What Turns You On?: Anything new. There's something about traveling somewhere for the first time, being the new guy at a job, dating a new girl, finding a new passion, etc, etc.

What Turns You Off: Gratuitous drama or people who say things just to say them, but can't explain why they said it.

What Sound Or Noise Do You Love?: Laughter.

What Sound Or Noise Do You Hate?: Pain. The sound of someone in pain, either from losing a loved one or physical pain is absolutely unbearable.

What Profession Other Than Your Own Would You Like To Attempt?: If I had the talent, I'd love to play in the NBA.

What Profession Would You Absolutely Not Like To Try?: A cop. F the police.

What's Your Favorite Curse Word?: I don't curse much in english, but I do curse with some regularity in other languages. Not sure why. I have to go with, "ket." It's creole. I guess it's used in a similar context as damn, but then again there's no such thing as an exact translation. But to me, profanity only becomes vulgar when it's too gratuitous. I appreciate it in the right context. So if I'm pissed, the F-word will cover it.

Your turn.


Double A. said...

Ooh nice one. I've only watched the show a few times, but these are some good questions, so I'll take a break from writing my blog (plug!) to answer. Here ya go:

What's Your Favorite Word?: Sexy. I use it to describe just about everything. A plate of my favorite food can look and taste sexy.

What's Your Least Favorite Word?: Awesome. I remember giving my lil sis the evil eye because she said it. I'm tempted to tell her it's not ok, even if everyone else says it is.

What Turns You On?: Anything new. lol Seriously though! Dreads, drk chocolate men, oh and quiet confidence i.e Bob Marley and Jay-Z. Lets put it like this, Kanye West would be so much more attractive if he just stopped talking for a split second.

What Turns You Off: Loud, arrogant people. Basically the opposite of what turns me on duuh...

What Sound Or Noise Do You Love?: Hmm never thought about this, but I'd have to say the sound of rain drops in the early morning hours on a weekend. I'm a romantic, sue me.

What Sound Or Noise Do You Hate?: The sound of a "fake" person talking. You know someone who changes their voice to make it sound more "proper" or like Becky Sue in a different social settings. Be yourself.

What Profession Other Than Your Own Would You Like To Attempt?: Another hmmm one. Probably something in medicine or Law, i.e something my mother would've much rather preferred for me, than that of a struggling writer lol. Or a professor.

What Profession Would You Absolutely Not Like To Try?: A maid or a cleaning lady.

What's Your Favorite Curse Word?: A$$. I've been saying it forever, in place of the F or S word, and it's become a term of endearment of sorts. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Dom said...

I dont want to do the whole rundown. My favorite curse word is F*ck.

Sometimes dropping the F-Bomb is the only way to really get your point across.