Monday, April 27, 2009

What Are You Listening To These Days?

I don't talk about music too much on this blog, but I thought I'd make an exception today.

People always ask me, "what are you listening to these days?" The funny thing is I've been unable to answer that question the past few years. Though I listen to a wide variety of genres, hip-hop's been the meat of my musical diet for well over a decade. But in the past few years, outside of every single Kanye West release and rap records here and there, I haven't really been feeling hip-hop too much. I didn't think hip-hop was dead, but it definitely needed to be resuscitated in my opinion.

I spent these past few years pretty much digging back in time to listen to the countless records I've never heard. There's so much music out there. As much of a Stevie Wonder stan as I am, there's no way I heard his entire catalog, so I'll usually look for old records and rediscover new ones. I'm a steady digger, but as of late, I've been balancing old tunes and rediscoveries with more recent material, rap included.

I've been bumping Drake's So Far Gone mixtape for a few months now. If you aren't hip to dude, I suggest you get familiar. And let's not get it twisted, I'm not part of the heavy bandwagonism currently going on in the Big Apple. My homie Abner put me onto Drake back in '06 when he put out his Room For Improvement mixtape. He sure did improve. So Far Gone is full of bangers. I hate to like the most popular song on any CD, but "Best I Ever Had" is absolute fire. "Successful," "Let's Call It Off," "Lust For Life," "Uptown," "Little Bit" and "Unstoppable" to name a few, are also undeniable bangers. I think dude is hip-hop's next superstar. 

Rick Ross' Deeper Than Rap is pretty dope, so is Asher Roth's Asleep In The Bread Aisle. It just feels right to be a rap fan again. On a non hip-hop tip, I've also been bumping J* Davey a lot. If you have a second, peep "Slooow" and "No More" off their The Beauty In Distortion/The Land Of The Lost Double EP." The-Dream also has some heat out there. "Walkin On The Moon" is my joint. The Shaft soundtrack, Chopin's "Nocturne In E Flat Major" and Enya's entire catalog have also been in heavy rotation as of late.

What about you guys what's in your iPod, CD changer, iTunes?


Clark Kent said...

Justice - Across The Universe
The-Dream - Love vs. Money
Buju Banton - Rasta Got Soul

A mixture of Estelle, James Brown and Sublime. Also, I agree NYC is eating crow right now for sleeping on the kid Drake for a minute.

Son is responsible for Weezy new steezy. (Bad pun, I know...)

Kimberly said...

Ryan Leslie!!!!

bogart4017 said...

"Solange presents Sol-Angel"
"dial S for Sonny"-Sonny Clark
"The Renaissance"-Q-tip
"The Singles 1969-1970"-James Brown
"That Don't Make me a Bad Guy"-Toby Keith
"Lyfe Changes"-Lyfe Jennings
"The Joni Letters"-Herbie Hancock
"The Best Of Gregory Isaacs"

Nicole said...

I am listening to Buggs Tha Rocka when I am on my rap shit and Vaughn Anthony when I want to chill out to some hot R&B. Vaughn is John Legends brother!