Monday, May 4, 2009

How Honest Are You With Yourself?

I look at myself in the mirror every morning.

But, sometimes, I wish I could see myself move and interact with other people just to see what people see. That way, I may be able to better understand the next person's point of view. I don't think any of us wanna be perceived as delusional, but I think we all go through our moments. I like to think I'm able to recognize my faults rather than constantly deny and point fingers, but every now and then, it's good to have friends who pulls no punches and show you the ugly truth. Let's not get it twisted. I don't listen to just anybody. I know who has my best interests at heart, who's malicious, and who's absolutely incapable of reading properly, so I value some opinions and take others with a grain of salt. 

As of late, I've been trying to take more responsability for anything negative I'm involved in. For instance, if someone starts an argument, it may still be my fault. Knowing the person, I should know if what I say has the potential to set them off, so I can either choose to speak or remain quiet accordingly.  

The best example I can give you is probably in romance. I've been writing this blog for well over a year and I'm still single. Now, I've been meeting women at a decent rate, gone out on a decent number of dates, but still struggle someone I click with. On the other hand, I've been meeting all types of crazy chicks. Now, I could just charge it to all women being crazy, but if I keep meeting the same type of women, who's fault is it, really? I hear girls complaining about how there's no good men out there. True, there's a lot of scum. But if you keep bumping into them, you may wanna look at yourself too.

I tell people all the time, my biggest flaw is that I embrace my flaws too much. Like, I'm absolutely comfortable the way I am and don't plan on changing for the most part. Chances are if you point out something negative about me, I'll agree with you, but I still go into denial about certain things like everybody else. It's not too bad when you know you're lying to yourself, but when you're oblivious to it, it's just not a good look. I honestly don't think there's a single person out there who is 100 percent honest with themselves. Some are just more than others. 
Public perception's just a bitch. Just remember one thing, the next time you aren't being honest with yourself, somebody's most likely seeing right through you.


Assertive Wit said...

good post on honesty :)

Albert said...

This some kool cheese wiz you spreaden on this club house cracker we call life,i feel honsety is breaded from your soul from day one when god gave us our first breath....I feel that i am allways honsty ta others that way i stay honsty ta my self thats why nobody could bust my balls when pointing out any of my flaws. Im out spoken never unherd ta sway my emotion or thoughts. Nobody is perfect cut dimond mater of fact such a dimond is labeled as rare and vaulable.....which means hard to find, the smae thing goes for this ratched mankind, good flawless people that are honest ta themelves and to others....."ant happen captain"....unless there like me or Funkyminded Twitter Cousin......... And dont value anybody opione unless they are honest ta themsleves sha Digg
I only value the opion of the U.S.D
That green makes me think of honest Bentlys and Beach houses...Bent Beside my Bently Burnen Bailly in my Beach House on my Peach Couch....halla your boy he's out......THAT ALL RYHEM......

KingPin Kel said...

Damn son. This is REAL TALK, my EXACT State of mind for the past this year. 08 Has been THE Best year of my life, that's because I worked harder than I EVER did, but NOT at trynna get money, rather on myself. Physically I lost like 60lbs (peep the Facebook album "Used to call me Fatso now they call me Castro") and mentally realized I, rather WE, are in total control of our lives and instead of blaming others and pointing the fingers, look in the mirror. This blog post couldn't be MORE on point son.

bogart4017 said...

Easy to be honest. Most people like me or if they dislike me they don't realize its not me they dislike its something i've said or done. If i spout a wittiscism or some obscure fact i'm considered uppity or upper-crust knee-grow. Not gonna stop me. If i'm confident i'm considered arrogant--despite the fact that a laack of confidence will get your ass burnt out in the business world. Please. Honestly? I ceased caring what people thought about me 33 years ago when i started 11th grade.