Monday, June 1, 2009

I Should Like You...But I Just Don't

I still blog from time to time in case you were wondering.

I just haven't had much to talk about lately so I hit the streets and started messing with people for inspiration. Still nothing. But I was talking to this bel ti fi earlier today and thought of something. Some of my friends (hi Mark) tease me about being too picky every now and then. I must say, I can't totally disagree with them. I also tend to make a big deal out of small things, so I get turned off of women pretty easy.

I ran a few deal-breaking incidents by a few of my friends a while back. They all had a good laugh, but for the most part, they didn't think the infractions were that bad. Looking back, maybe they weren't. The thing is, in some cases, it's a build up. Once somebody has annoyed you one too many times, from that point, the slightest thing will get on your nerves from here on out.

Anyway, taking into consideration that I may have been bugging, I told myself I needed to loosen up a know, try to focus on women's qualities rather than fuss about them asking too many questions during movies. I did try to apply my new tude. The thing is, no matter how much the girls had going for themselves, it just wasn't enough. They were cute, intelligent, liked Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but still...NOTHING! The girls were great on paper, but I didn't care. It's like... I forced myself to like somebody, but it obviously didn't work. Like, I should like you, but I just don't. Oh well, I'll probably fall for the biggest bitch instead. 

Fellers, ever been in the same situation? Ladies, I know you have.


jesse said...

u r jerry sienfeld dude
- face it

Carl Chery said...

Damn! You just came up with my new nickname. From now on, I'm Chery Seinfeld.

Farrah said...

Dear Chery Seinfeld,

It happens man!! lol

Love, Fafie

AA said...

OMG i was just thinking damn Carl hasn't written anything in a hot sec and here you go lol but yes I've been in this scenario before, now the question is do you actually tell them this lol

Special Ed said...

dammit i left a really good comment and stupid comp was not acting right! whatever my point was don't force something thats not there. its okay if someone looks good on paper its not about paper its about reality

bogart4017 said...

you can't force chemistry man. When you hot you hot and when you not you not

MeLa Machinko said...

maaaaan i never like ANYBODY. I really dig a dude abt once ever 3 yrs, so far. no matter how they look on paper. *sigh*