Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Inner Nerd...

I've never been much of a nerd growing up.

I never looked the part and surely never had the grades to match. I did pretty good in college, but as I may have mentioned before, I managed to get good grades without buying any books and I hardly ever studied. Not too nerdy. But looking back now, I've always been into things associated with nerds...at least for grown ups.

I'm not much of a comic book collector. My last purchase was the Watchmen graphic novel I bought earlier this year. Before that I pretty much got my Marvel and D.C. Comics education through my older brother's immense collection. I may not buy new comics, but I turn into an absolute stan when superheroes hit the big screen. Well, there are exceptions. Hulk was pretty suckspect and I gave up on Daredevil the second I found out Ben Affleck was casted as Matt Murdock. But if I like them, I usually cop the DVD when they come out.

I've been having a hard time adding Transformers and G.I. Joe to my DVD collection, though. Not the movies, but the original cartoon series. I always found some questionnable versions on Amazon.com, but they never looked too official. It turns out the complete series will finally be available this month, Transformers next week and G.I. Joe on July 22. You already know my inner nerd came out and I pre-ordered them joints.

Video games are another thing associated with nerds but everybody but me has a recent system (I never got past PS2) so I'm not sure it counts. What about you guys? What are some of the "nerdy" things you're into? Does your room look like Steve Carrell's in The 40-year-old Virgin? Tell me about your inner nerd.


Adam Bernard said...
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Clark Kent said...

I gave away my copies of Transformers and G.I. - the cartoon series, first season - to the older heads who were die-hard fans.

I gotta borrow Transformers and I really only remember the PSAs and the movie, but I'm nerdish about movies and video games, man.

Comics and cartoons, too, but more anime and off-the-radar stuff...

Let me stop before someone wants to give me a wedgie. (Go see Bruno...)

Adam Bernard said...

My TV is on G4 for multiple hours a day. Nuff said.

Clark Kent said...

G4 - I used to be glued on that when I had cable. That and VH1 Soul.

Assertive Wit said...

I used to have shoeboxes of comic books. I was so proud to be the owner of the original Fantastic Four comic book. Although it didn't have a cover/back, it was in A-1 condition and was worth stupid money back in the day...my father killed all that off one day when he cleaned the garage and figured since I no longer resided in his house, all my leftover belongings needed to be thrown out...asshole.

I started colllecting comic books and graphic novels again but I still seethe inside when I think of the gems I used to have LOL

missschrisss said...

my recent inner nerd played The Sims once for about 9 straight hours, circa 2003. my young inner nerd read a book a day (babysitters club, goosebumps, or anything about vampires). comics? i bought a Barbie comic in Costa Rica when i was a kid bc Barbie was attending a Ricky Martin concert. nowadays, my inner nerd is overshadowed by my outer drunk.

Epsilonicus said...

I express my inner nerd by the fact that I still own and play Super Nintendo. Also, I read a lot and love the History Channel.

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