Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Inner Nerd...

I've never been much of a nerd growing up.

I never looked the part and surely never had the grades to match. I did pretty good in college, but as I may have mentioned before, I managed to get good grades without buying any books and I hardly ever studied. Not too nerdy. But looking back now, I've always been into things associated with nerds...at least for grown ups.

I'm not much of a comic book collector. My last purchase was the Watchmen graphic novel I bought earlier this year. Before that I pretty much got my Marvel and D.C. Comics education through my older brother's immense collection. I may not buy new comics, but I turn into an absolute stan when superheroes hit the big screen. Well, there are exceptions. Hulk was pretty suckspect and I gave up on Daredevil the second I found out Ben Affleck was casted as Matt Murdock. But if I like them, I usually cop the DVD when they come out.

I've been having a hard time adding Transformers and G.I. Joe to my DVD collection, though. Not the movies, but the original cartoon series. I always found some questionnable versions on Amazon.com, but they never looked too official. It turns out the complete series will finally be available this month, Transformers next week and G.I. Joe on July 22. You already know my inner nerd came out and I pre-ordered them joints.

Video games are another thing associated with nerds but everybody but me has a recent system (I never got past PS2) so I'm not sure it counts. What about you guys? What are some of the "nerdy" things you're into? Does your room look like Steve Carrell's in The 40-year-old Virgin? Tell me about your inner nerd.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How Dare You Say That About Michael's Song?

When Michael Jackson passed last Thursday, I called my older brother Gary— the main person responsible for me being an MJ stan growing up.

"Are you gonna blog about it?" he asked. I did try writing a little something, but just couldn't find the right words so I left it alone. Besides, what's another blurb on MJ these days. Like, pretty much anything comes off cliche at this point. Yes, I still can't believe he's gone. Yes, it feels like a family member died. Yes, I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime. 

It's incredible to walk around and hear random cars bump cuts off Thriller or Off the Wall. The day after his death, most of us at the job expected MJ sales to go back up possibly even top the charts. Well, we looked at the numbers this morning and it turns out he actually has the top 3 albums in the country. His Number Ones CD sold 107, 800 copies, Essential Michael Jackson moved 102, 000 units and Thriller scanned 101, 000 CDs. 

After sharing chart numbers, some of us at the office somehow ended up pitting Thriller against Off the Wall. While my boy Rob picked Off the Wall, my other co-worker, who shall remain anonymous, chose Thriller— citing that the album only had one "wack song." I don't know about you guys, but I thought that album was pretty much flawless, let alone featured a "wack song." The funny thing is, I was just listening to "The Lady In My Life" on my iPod moments earlier, so I showed it to him. "Yes! That song," he confirmed. "That song is horrible." Dude! That song is a CLASSIC and there's no debating it. If you think otherwise, I'm forced to question you as a human being. Basically, you're suckspect. Rob and I immediately told him he was bugging. If you can't remember the song off top, click here to listen. 

Man, I borderline took it personal when he dissed the song. He said it was too soft. Duhhhhh! It's a freakin' love song. Anyway, should my co-worker have been stabbed, shot, or gotten the chair for blaspheming on MJ's classic? Anybody else think that song is "horrible" or "too soft?" If so, please delete me from your facebook. Thank you!